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No Apologies For Gossage

DETROITThis time, Goose Gossage could feel clean about losing. Not good, but clean. He had wanted the chance to keep the San Diego Padres alive in the World Series, but when the chance came, Gossage was rocked for Kurt Gibson’s three run homer that put the Series out of reach.

Gossage felt terrible, but not the same kind of terrible as in 1981, when George Steinbrenner, the owner of the Yankees, apologized to New York for the Yankees’ loss.

In September, Gossage held canada goose uk shop a party at his canada goose coats new home in San Diego and invited the whole team, including the woman who pays his salary. The big man with the walrus mustache showed his feeling for his new owner by throwing her in the pool. Why not? It was her turn.

”I’ve been apologized for before. It kind of cuts your heart out. You play your heart out and all of a sudden youre just a piece of meat.”

Gossage was not a piece of meat yesterday evening. He was a grieving buy canada goose jacket cheap athlete who had invited the challenge of pitching to Gibson with first base open. Now he stood with a can of cheap canada goose uk beer in his hand and showed his canada goose black friday sale young teammates how a major leaguer canada goose clearance sale loses.

”I’ll think about this the rest of my life,” Gossage said. ”But I’ve got to dwell on the positives. You’re a Canada Goose sale relief pitcher, you’re either a hero or a goat. But you’ve got to stand tall and hold your head high.”

All season canada goose store long, the Padres took their cues from the old hands, from Steve Garvey’s smoothness and Graig Nettles’s quips and Gosse Gossage’s uk canada goose outlet adrenaline. Even with a World Series elimination hovering over them like Michigan fog yesterday, the Canada Goose Parka Padres knew they could never despair over this joyous season.

They would always know this is a little boy’s game, ever since the buy canada goose jacket day Nettles met Gossage on the pitching Canada Goose online mound, a baseball version of Papillon, two escapees from the Devil’s Canada Goose Online Island of the Bronx.

It happened the day Gossage stomped in from the bullpen and walked the bases loaded. Nettles visited Gossage on the mound and inquired: ”Hey, don’t they have a home plate out there in the bullpen?”

What did Gossage do? He laughed. And he got the next batters out, too.

The Padres came into yesterday’s fifth game frustrated, knowing that their ultimate weapon, the Goose, had not yet been a factor in the World Series. What good is a savior if there is nothing to save?

They were still trailing by a run, 4 Canada Goose Jackets 3, in the eighth when Dick Williams brought in Gossage, but Lance Parrish greeted Gossage with a homer. Then, after Kurt Bevacqua’s homer in the bottom of the eighth made it 5 4, Gossage put runners on second and third with one out. Williams signaled for Gossage to walk Gibson, who had hit a homer in the first inning.

”I’ve had success with him in the American League before,” Gossage volunteered later. ”Dick wanted to walk him, but I made Dick come out because I hate to walk the bases loaded. canada goose coats on sale It doesn’t give you any leeway for error. I talked Dick out of it. I feel responsible for the game.”

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Williams would have none of it, saying, ”It’s my final decision. Goose is a man, but the buck stops here.”

Gossage said he would not second guess himself, but he did think out loud about Gibson: ”He’s a big power hitter. They said he’s coming into canada goose his own. I never underestimate anybody. can hit it over canada goose clearance the moon. The basics is, I tried to get him. He got me.”

Even facing a long plane ride home to canada goose factory sale an offseason, most Padres looked around at Garvey, Gossage and Nettles and were reminded what it meant for the 25 Burrito Brothers to have worn their taco wrapper uniforms in the World Series.

”The World Series, in itself, can’t affect what we’ve accomplished,” Garvey said after Saturday’s loss. ”This team has established a tradition for years. It has made San Diego a major sports town.”

Some of the younger Padres have not known how to take losing in the limelight. A couple of them, like Mark Thurmond and Dave Dravecky, took out Canada Goose Outlet their resentments on a female reporter after the first two losses in Chicago. Terry Kennedy has been brusque after losses and Eric Show who gave up seven homers in eight postseason innings said little more than ”write something positive” after he was trammelled on Saturday. (Trammell is a new Detroit verb, a cross between trample and pummel.)

But the testiness of these young players was balanced by the professionalism of Garvey, canadian goose jacket Gossage and Nettles, who have lost before.

Garvey, who has been in four losing World Series but has never lost in nine All Star Games or five league championship series, said: ”I imagine a losing playoff would be bad. You work so hard to advance, and then you’re not in the World Series.

”Once you get into the World Series, you’re not a loser. You have the world champion and the league champion 1 and 1A.”.

Graig Nettles, a native of San Diego, said the Padres ”should go home and brag to everybody that they played for the Padres. Anybody that feels bad, they shouldn’t. This is a great pressure team. cheap Canada Goose They’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. I know how happy the community is. A lot of people didn’t expect us to get this far.”

Tim Flannery, the reserve infielder, has seen the Padres change from a ”team with a losing attitude” to National League champions in his five years with the club.

”What we’ve done has never been done in San Diego,” he said, ”And I know we’ve done it because I’ve got it all on videotape. Unless somebody erases it, I mean. It was extraordinary. Before last Sunday’s game against Canada Goose Coats On Sale the Cubs, I took a look around me in the dugout at all the guys. I knew we might never be together again in canada goose uk outlet exactly the same way, so I wanted to remember us.

”When this Series is canada goose uk black friday over, I’ve got a lot of beer to drink, a lot of waves to ride and a lot of tapes to watch. We know what happened this year. They can’t take that away from us.”.