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How are you doing today? I am back again with my favorite lipstick brand L You all know my secret love and passion for L cream lipsticks. No matter how many lip products I own, but first love is last love, they say! Anyway, can you believe that I have owned this neutral shade for the last1.5 years, but somehow, it always got lost in my stash, only to resurface on my SIL wish! She is fond of neutrals being a model cum actress by profession, hence we feel really comfortable to speak about fitness, beauty and other topics. I encourage her to wear bright, colorful lip colors and she always wishes to see me in nde pinks and beiges which never happens But now that I am well familiar with the significance and importance of nde lipsticks, (credit goes to you IMBBians as well SIL), I tried my hands at thispink beige beauty finally! The first and foremost impressive feature of this lipstick is its long shelf life.

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