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Description : Between the 1870s and the 1930s competing European powers carved out and consolidated colonies in Melanesia, the most culturally diverse region of the world. As part of this process, great assemblages of ethnographic artefacts were made by a range of collectors whose diversity is captured in this volume. The contributors to this tightly integrated volume take these collectors, and the collecting institutions, as the departure point for accounts that look back at the artefact producing societies and their interaction with the collectors, but also forward to the fate of the collections in metropolitan museums, as the artefacts have been variously exhibited, neglected, re conceived as indigenous heritage, or repatriated.

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replica Purse Description : Dozens of voices celebrate in essays, stories, plays, poetry, songs, and art the Franco American and Acadian experience in Maine. They explore subjects as diverse as Quebec Maine frontier history, immigrant drama, work, genealogy, discrimination, women, community affairs, religion, archeology, politics, literature, language, and humor. The voices, themselves, are equally diverse, including Norman Beaupr, Michael Michaud, Ross and Judy Paradis, Susann Pelletier, John Martin, Batrice Craig, Michael Parent, Linda Pervier, Alaric Faulkner, Ray Levasseur, Yves Frenette, Paul Par, Yvon Labb, Rev. replica Purse

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