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Narration: Late last year the Mammoth became the first extinct animal to have its genome sequenced, the first step on the comeback trail. Next you take your complete DNA sequence and insert it into the egg of a close living relative of your extinct species. Your embryo now needs somewhere to grow and the best place is the womb of the modern species.

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-Dav Prayag.

Parliament. From 1946 until the end of his life, Ian Fleming lived for two months of every year at Goldeneye the house he built on a point of high land overlooking a small white sand beach on Jamaica’s north coast. All the Bond novels and stories were written here.Fleming adored the Jamaica he had discovered, at the time an imperial backwater that seemed unchanged from the glory days of the empire Replica Bags. Parker reveals how here, amid stunning natural beauty, the austerity and decline of post war Britain could be forgotten. replica Purse

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