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houseplant bugs and early weeds

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Handbags Replica Thatá & Give Parties –

Acai & Ice Cream at your party!
R $ 200 – Rio de Janeiro

Thatá & Give Parties – Acai & Ice Cream at your party!

Year End Promotional Packages

Ice Cream Package 1 – 50 people

• 20 liters of ice cream (Flavors: flakes, chocolate, cream, strawberry or Neapolitan). • • Types of syrups: Strawberry, chocolate, kiwi, condensed milk, grape, mint, banana and caramel.) •

• Confectionery: confectionery, granola, chocolates, chocobol, rice flakes, peanut, peanut, jujube, granulated, delicate, powdered milk, chocolate balls and biscuit).

• 200ml

• 3 hours of party
• 200,00 reais

• Inclusion of natural fruits: Grape, Banana or Strawberry – 250,00
Package 1 of Acai – 50 people

• 10 liters of açaí (Natural flavor, strawberry or banana)

• Types of syrups: Strawberry, chocolate, kiwi, condensed milk, grape, mint, banana and caramel)

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