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peter canavan previews sunday’s all

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Wholesale Replica Bags Double J hosts a special at midday, the Girls to the Front: Exchange between musicians Alex the Astronaut and Lindy Morrison, a wide ranging conversation that covers their careers, their experiences in the music industry and their passion for music and for seeing more girls come to the front. The J Files on Double J will look at the career of Deborah Conway.ABC News: All or majority women line up presenting all key news and current programs on the day.Grandstand: Women’s Rugby player and Jillaroo, Ruan Sims is special guest co commentator with Andrew Moore for the NRL Season opener. Sonia Lewis (wife of NRL star Luke Lewis) is sideline commentator.ABC COMEDY: On The Tonightly, Tom Ballard steps aside for the day and Greta Lee Jackson and Bridie Connell will be taking over the reins.ABC KIDS iview will host a Go Girls Go collection including Dot, Get Grubby, Justine Clarke, Peg + Cat, Peppa Pig.ABC ME will host an International Women’s Day collection including Advice to My 12 Year Old Self, Girls Change the World The Activism Film, Get My Job and My Life What’s A Girl.. Wholesale Replica Bags

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