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I refer you once again to Steven Lewis for example.Does he deserve to go to jail? No, of course not. The best punishment for such immaturity and thoughtlessness is to be ignored totally! And damn straight, there is just NO WAY any element of Canadian governance should sacrifice one of our citizens to the USA to make an example of. Let them use one of their own idiots, many of whom can be found sitting in or circling about the White House same one we Canadians went down an burnt to the ground on themhee, hee Anyway, on that basis, I’ll sign the damn petition, but not because I endorse the man or his petty issue.What’s the point of making such a legal fuss over something as popular and socially accepted as smoking ganga? I reefer you guffaw to the lessons apparently NOT learned from the prohibition of liquor in the, what was it, 30s? 40s? If the USA wants to continue funding all it’s “Black Ops” agencies with the sale of drugs too their own people, then sure, make it illegal to jack up the price, provide yourself with a political trumpet to blow doctor mask, and justify militarizing your nation; but here in Canada? Let’s make it illegal to eat brussel sprouts.

face mask We may also mark blogs with adult content where the owners have not. All blogs marked as will be placed behind an content warning interstitial. If your blog has a warning interstitial, please do not attempt to circumvent or disable the interstitial it is for everyone protection.There are some exceptions to our adult content policy:Do not use Blogger as a way to make money on adult content. face mask

medical face mask There is already a ban in the state on plastic bags less than 50 microns in thickness. However, the state government and BMC have failed in enforcing it. In the wake of recent floods, DNA asked citizens if there should be a complete ban on plastic bags and thermocol in the city. medical face mask

surgical mask On dev set of SST 2 dev set doctor mask, we set all the hyperparameters: rectified linear units, filter windows(h) of 3, 4, 5 with 100 feature maps each n95 face mask, dropout rate (p) of 0.5 coronavirus mask, l2 constraint (s) of 3, and mini batch size of 50.Training is done through stochastic gradient descent over mini batches with the Adadelta update rule(Zeiler, 2012)Pre trained Word VectorsIt is a popular method to initialize word vector through an unsupervised neural language model, which improves performance in the absence of a large supervised training set (Collobert et al ., 2011; Socher et al., 2011; lyyer et al,. 2014).We use ‘word2vec’ vectors that were trained on 100 billion words from Google News. The vectors have dimensionality of 300 and were trained using bag of words architecture( Mikolov et al., 2013). surgical mask

best face mask As a building, I find the tower more appealing from a distance than I do at ground level, where a recent lobby renovation has left the ground floor feeling placeless and anodyne. But as part of the skyline, I always imagine the tower as a chess piece coronavirus mask, handsomely bearing her crown. Other buildings have come up around her, but she holds her own. best face mask

face mask Ebola isn’t nearly as contagious as, say, measles or influenza. It is transmitted only through bodily fluids after the fever and other symptoms have occurred. But the incubation period, after infection and before the person becomes symptomatic, typically lasts about a week, or as long as three weeks. face mask

face mask The causes of baldness can be anything, maybe your work or probably financial stress n95 face mask, or personal lives, or some severe tensions or major diseases too. We provides the top class and affordable price hair transplant surgery form professional doctors with good results. Our services are hair fall, hair loss treatment, FUE FUT hair transplant and baldness treatment etc. face mask

doctor mask The benchmark of 2.8 hours of staff per resident care in 24 hours simply falls short of acceptable. I have to argue that one bath per week is NOT acceptable for people who are soiling themselves, a wipe with a wet towel is not sufficient and not all the residents are seniors with dry skin. I challenge anyone that thinks the current staffing levels are acceptable to go and spend one week in the Special Care Unit, in a diaper surgical mask surgical mask, needing assistance to be fed, changed, toileted, bathed, etc. doctor mask

surgical mask More than 3,300 people have been arrested since the protests began. In a bloody incident Sunday night, a knife wielding man believed to be a Beijing supporter slashed two people after an argument and bit off part of a local politician’s ear outside a mall. Police have arrested the assailant and two men who attacked him.. surgical mask

disposable face masks Both the physical condition of the sockeye and their genomic profile led her to a mystery illness that appeared in Chinook salmon farms in 1992 on the Fraser sockeye migration route. While it was given the name Leukemia by Dr. Kent was on the stand the day before and called it a retrovirus in his many scientific papers written in the 1990s he stated he was never actually sure that it was a virus. disposable face masks

n95 face mask Primary health care system is usually the first point of access and for the majority of people, the only regular contact with our health system, said Abbott. Concentrating on individuals who use the system most often we can improve their quality of care, their overall health and well being, and reduce pressures and costs across the health system. These are critical targeted changes, and done well, they will produce a big impact n95 face mask.