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If there the option to shop online, Lancome released a retail Voyage series, and the first release, Tropiques, has a wonderfully fruity opening with lots of mango and a sweet floral drydown with lots of vanilla. It a couple years old, so I don imagine it would be something everyone wearing, and it works well in all sorts of weather . Notes include cranberry, kumquat, jasmine, vanilla, mango blossom, tonka bean, sandalwood, blackberry blossom and raspberry.

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wholesale replica designer handbags At some point, either in 2004 or in 2005, Guerlain apparently tinkered with the formula, and while I’ve smelled both versions, I’ve never smelled them together, and the two decants I’ve got on hand at the moment are probably4 both from the later, post tinkered with version. Many people felt the original, pre tinkered with Eau Lgre was the better of the two, but I can’t comment on that for a comparison, see Victoria’s review at Bois de Jasmin.While hard liners might scoff at the very notion of cleaning up Shalimar to appeal to modern tastes, even my possibly lesser version is pretty charming stuff. The bergamot opening is more fluffy and candied (comparisons to lemon frosting are right on target) than Shalimar’s, and the base is far less skanky wholesale replica designer handbags.