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christie chief of staff says he raised few questions about bridge scandal

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– Zen master, why the husband goes to adultery, while his mother loves to care for him
Zen calmly give the girl the cake:
– First child to eat this cake.
She finished eating, the teacher asked:
– Delicious without children?
Happy face girl:
– Yes, delicious – Would you like to eat again?
The girl smiled happily

The teacher stopped, looked at the girl and asked again:
– Now I understand the reason why husband and child adultery
The girl holding the sad cake, nodded.

– Yes, because the heart was greedy, there is no teacher Zen hurry to shake hands, shaking her head:
– NO, RUI – Girl look back to her body and panic:
– So what should I do now Zen master responded
– Go to see the counseling to use immediately:
her before it’s too late

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