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Was asked for his name, address and birth date to verify he received the letter. He was told the information was required there a lot of scamming going on and we want to make sure that we get the right people. An hour later, a man representing himself as a Reader Digest employee called Hnatchuk to tell him he receive cheques to cover legal expenses.

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monlcer down jackets We invest a large amount of trust in the flaired members of /r/askhistorians, as they represent the subreddit when answering questions, participating in AMAs, and even in their participation across reddit as a whole. As such, we do take into account an applicant user history reddit wide when reviewing an application, and will reject applicants whose post history demonstrate bigotry, racism, or sexism. Such behavior is not tolerated in /r/askhistorians, and we do not tolerate it from our panelists in any capacity. monlcer down jackets

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