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Trump is on Air Force One in the picture. He sitting at a desk. Papers are strewn in front of him. There a number of things that are bothering me about this dream. I said it somewhere before that I don dream like that about girls unless I would have better luck by taking a snowball chance in Hell during a heat wave. Would my response be as weak and feeble if by some VERY strange twist of fate I did somehow manage to find myself in that kind of situation Why did it seem to fit her personality, though she has told me nothing on the subject And for a slight digression: when we were (in real life) doing the project at the library, she said something I didn expect her to say but pretty much everyone else has said in one form or another: that she/they need to get me drunk/stoned to see what I like, to get me to open up, find out what I really like, etc.

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Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death brought back a lot of memories. As a young reporter, I witnessed his “Dream Shall Never Die” speech from the floor of the Democratic National Convention in 1980. I hope he can begin rocking soon I believe all women are wildflowers I m currently listening to Manitoba, Four Tet and Ulrich Schnauss. Bedroom studio masters. A friend told me it was boy music.

Ben Welsh is used to overcoming the odds. In the third grade, Welsh had a severe case of MRSA that carried the possibility of death and almost forced doctors to amputate his leg. Welsh was told in his sophomore year by head coach Eric Beattie there was a good chance he would not make varsity..

The kids out here, getting them some exposure and getting a few wins have been really great, Nix said. Been cool to see a lot of the kids improve. Heads a group of 34 players made up mostly of Effingham County athletes with three South Effingham athletes with varying levels of expertise.